Thune says cybersecurity is significant U.S. concern

Industry leaders moving rapidly into a data-driven economy say cybersecurity is what keeps them awake at night — with good reason, Sen. John Thune says.

Speaking Thursday at a Chamber of Commerce conference focusing on technology and its impact on the South Dakota economy, Thune said cyber threats “are front and center” with national military commanders and are only superseded by concerns over the nuclear agreement with Iran.

“There isn’t a day goes by that state actors like China, like Russia, and non-state actors, terrorists, are trying to hack into our systems in this country. ... financial services, our electric grid ... and trying to do great damage to America’s economy,” he said.

That makes cybersecurity increasingly important, Thune said, and why he not only intends to push that subject at a hearing on the Dakota State University campus next week in Madison, but when the Senate reconvenes in September as well.

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